UTube Box allows https://youtube.com/tv to load YouTube™ TV App in a regular web browser like an app instead of a website.

You will have the ability to use YouTube TV application’s Smartphone remote feature with this extension. Essentially making the extension act like a Smart TV.

Getting started with UTube Box is simple. You just need to install it on your desktop device and access https://youtube.com/tv.

UTube Box also provides custom web search allowing you to search the web right from your new tab and enjoy a new web search experience.

You will be able to open up https://www.youtube.com/tv directly from the search page, and have instant access to popular social media websites.

YouTube™ is a trademark of Google Inc. UTube Box is not endorsed or in any way affiliated with YouTube™.

Installing UTube Box will replace your browsers new tab and search engine to Bing.com.

By clicking “Chrome Browser” or “Firefox Browser”, I accept and agree to installing the UTube Box extension and setting browser New Tab to that provided by the service and the Privacy and Terms of Use.


YouTube TV App

UTube Box gives you the ability to load YouTube TV App just like how you would on your smart TV right within Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Replace Browser New Tab

UTube Box replaces your browsers new tab page and search engine to Bing.com.

Built by Browsa

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